Tuesday, May 29, 2012


RED FLAG DAY..spoiling my mood. Anyway, I had great time with Taiki and Pejol ( my cousin ). Having an awesome bowling moment and I won the first game yayy ! PMS spoiling my mood before we went back home. It strikes again and this is fu*ckin hurt. Well, men won't understand. By the way,  
I love this boy 

Sunday, May 13, 2012


11th May 2011 - 11th May 2012

I remember everything, from the start until now. Do you still remember?  I saw you and your friends for the very first time at Dataran Pahlawan. A month later, I started dance and I met you. Chatting in the end of April, we exchanged our numbers and the dream of love began to built. On the 8th May 2011, I cut my hair as you wish and yeah for the first time, we met each other. Baby, you make my heartbeat increased at that moment and I remember you kiss me on my forehead before we say goodbye.  

On Wednesday at 12.00am, I asked you ,
 and your answer made me fainted.

On 17th May ( Sunday ) , our first date. We went out for karaoke at Mahkota Parade along with Riz and Fendy. A moment that I won't ever forget, we had our first kiss upon our lips. Until now, too much to write. Forgive me for all my mistakes and I forgive you for making me cry.