Saturday, March 27, 2010

The most hates.

I have the rights to hate God's creation, so I hate these humans :
  • Stole my stuffs. I know mine is pretty than yours.
  • Girls without dignity. I think their parents also like that.
  • Thinks his/her self is number 1. Hey bitch, fuck off!
  • My boyfriend's bitches. Their sucks yo !
  • Always show off. How idiot are they.
  • They're the perfects. Oh God, You should kill them.
  • Argue for cheap reasons. Seems like you're super bitch.
  • They think they know everything. I'll dig the grave for you.
  • Hot likes superstars ? You just hot like super shits.
There's another more, but these the most I hate, fuck and so on.
You should dig your grave beside at your parents' and lay in it, dude.
Some of my close souls are like this, how ? The sins are theirs.