Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Eid ul-Fitr

Thank God I still have the time to write something about Eid. For the colour of myself, BLACK is the theme of this year. My baju kurung was not so pretty but yeah, I'm not going to be a model. Thank to God again, I still have my smiles on Raya eventhough this heart was fucking bleeding. We broke up on 1st of Raya, sweet isn't ? I don't want to write so much about him. Maybe a poem will be written soon. Here goes the moments of Eid . 

 [ The girl in the polkadot baju kurung is my brother's girlfriend ]

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Turning 17

1 day late but I'm not die yet. I lost nothing if I'm not posting about it as long as I was enjoying bitching on the birthday celebration with family and friends. Damn those bastards hold my hand like the BDSM and poured some flour on my face. Hell yeah, it was a free make-up to replace my Garnier powder. And what goes on the night was I'm having Iftar with the family and Taiki will always be there. No gift from him, a lil bit pathetic but I got some from my parents.  Here goes the photos of joy.

 Gifts. Still grateful :) 

 The Boyfriend. 

Lastly, a warm peace from a fresh 17 years old girl.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gettin' Fresh

Hey ya, happy August, the month of my birthday! As Eid is coming around, I decided to dye my hair and the dream came true today :) Went back from class and mom sent me to Nuovo Hair Studio. They're having a Raya promotion right now but the price kinda shocked me , coloring is RM115 and bleaching is RM100, so hell yeah the total was RM215. I get free 2 tickets to cinema. Gonna use it with Taiki ^__^ 

After bleaching. The man behind there was my hairstylist. 

 After colouring ( Copper Colour ). It's actually lighter than this one. Just my room is a bit dark.