Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Is Love

Met at McD . singing . kissing . walking . holding hand . hugs.

The activities of today ! Too much happiness that I get and maybe if there's a doom, I don't think so I would noticed it as I'm just focusing on him only. I'm tired to elaborate more and the best way to sum up everything happened today is to made a conclusion, here goes :

I'm blithesome with Taiki and yes I did and I meant it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Day

Bad news turned into a very f*cking good news when he said

" Esok bangun awal tau, jumpa dekat DP pukul 12 "

As he called me on 12.54am+ , I was just like huh ? what ? but yeah it puts me into a good sleep after that. Wake up in a happy morning, prepared everything and Mum send me to Dataran Pahlawan.

Met at McDonald's > Movie time [ Priest ] > Back home

Maybe for ya, sounds like boring but who the fuck are you to say it was boring as I'm going out with someone I love so much ? 4 hours together is not enough and it needs a lifetime :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feel The Love

It's growing, harder and stronger, the love is growing.

I never expected anything to have a relationship between you and I cos at the first place, we don't talk each other. Just saw your face every weekend but nothing's happened. Is this a dream ? Is this a reality ? Yes, it is life. Back to memory, it was very very very fun thing and I feel like " OMG, I'm his girlfriend ? " and yes, the fact I can't deny. Deniable.

People says " When we cry for someone, he meant a lot to us ". It is a shame if I write here but yeah, I did. I'm hardly falling tears out of my eyes but I don't know why this time this beating heart is kinda touching. Sounds like kid huh ? xD

This love beyond the 3 words of I LOVE YOU, beyond everything.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can't Stand It

12.00 am 11th May 2011

It took few minutes to say it and yeah I said it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Razor Bob Cut

This was first time in my life I had a short hair. The name is RAZOR BOB CUT. It was Taiki asked me to cut it off. People says " Do anything for person that we loved " and so I did it. Cute anyway

Big Smile !

I smile all day long ! Why ? Cos I met him just now. Well, we're still friend but hell yeah, he is not my ordinary friend or maybe I had crush on him, who knows ? XD Just wait for me to change my status. HAHAHA . I don't have a photo with him, I though I want to snap some pictures just now but this f*ckin' tongue is very hard to say or in other words , SHY! Next time, chums :)

NeverShoutNever - Can't Stand It

This song is super duper cute and I love it baby !