Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stars On Arm

I could feel the stars !

It is temporary tattoo , red and green colors. I just made it yesterday, I went to Jonker Walk with my cousin . It just costs me RM15. Well, it's temporary, it just lasts 7 - 21 days. Well, it's very nice. Did you saw my necklace? I bought it at Jonker Walk too ! The symbols that I'd wanting for so long. Good God ! I found them.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cute Idol

I'm idolizing an English guy, his scream makes me fall to ground and melt this heart, his cute accent when he speaks, his full body of awesome tattoos, his hair that up to neck, his drop dead t-shirt, his freakin' snake bites and everything, he is the great


My My My, I couldn't believe that I'll post such thing, well, this is a blog whereby to express our own opinion about something or someone. It started when I listen to his band's songs - Bring Me The Horizon, made me explore and explore about their music. It was metalcore, but they claim as deathcore. Whatever it is, as long as my ears are acceptable to hear such musics. Good God ! Oliver Scott Sykes is damn cute ! :P

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 !

A beautiful digits

1 . 1 . 11

Well, I'm wishing you, yes you ! No matter what's your name, my lovers or haters, I'm wishing all of God's creations


May this year bring all the joys till the end :) Cheers!