Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Heart Talk

It was a routine to dance with friends every a Saturday and his brother came along too. He just stand not so far from us and nothing happen. I was cold at that moment, I hate love and for me " What the fuck the love is dude ?? ". Well, people says how much you hate it now is how much you'll get soon. Too hate to be loved and now I'm loving a guy too much. I never expected / dream of / wanted to have such feeling towards him. Such a difficult matter to explain to. I may able to answer all the questions in 5 minutes on the exam papers but just one that I couldn't find the answer yet in 5 months when he keeps on asking " How we can get along until now ? ". I like to tear my tongue and mad at it to answer the question but it's all come from the bottom of my heart. Hey bitches, you may say " Oh my God, Fara Ally writes a post about love ? " . Who the fuck are you to say it so , you don't draw a cent to me. LOVE, the 4 alphabets in a word that makes people smile, people happy, people cry and people die. It depends how you make use of the feelings and yeahhh, scarify is the most thing until you lost count of it. As a summarize,

I love you and I love you all along
Azlan Shah

p/s : Kita ni sebenarnya apa ? [ 11/5/11 12.00am]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet Sunday

I'm sick but his face in my eye is the medicine.

5 months together is not enough and it takes a whole life to satisfy me :)

We bought a couple ring and it was written our name inside.
Here goes the sweet stuff :

I love the way he looks into my eyes and said " Sayang, I love you " and he smile. Is your couple do the same too ? Sorry peeps, I'm not saying that my love is better than yours, it's just an expression of my feelings. The way he threat me just like in dramas but this is real and I just can't deny that