Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hey, Love.

Hug . Kiss . Smile

I love the way he dressed today, red cap and shirt. We went to cinema for WRATH OF THE TITANS. Well, I just gave it 5/5 ! It was such a damn great movies. Then, Old Town is a nice place for tea time. Get back home, call him and I say : ILYSFDM, remember that :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who Are You ?

You used to..

1. Hold and grip my hand when we're going out.
2. Kiss my forehead before I'm going back.
3. Look in my eyes and say " I Love You ".
4. Kiss my hand each time we meet up.
5. Promise me every night that you won't leave me.
6. Call me at least 3 hours/day.
7. Chat with me at every second.
8. Wipe my tears when I'm crying.
9. Hold me in your arms when I'm cold
10. Dress yourself up nicely to meet me.
11. Ask me to match our shirt's colour when we're going out.
12. Worry about me even I had only a little wound.
13. Talk to me nicely when we had a fight.
14. Listen to all my problems at school.
15. Mad at me when I don't take my lunch/dinner.
16. Set our picture as your phone's display.
17. Make jokes when I'm upset.
18. Sing at least a song before I'm going to bed.
19. Talk about me to your family.
20. Go to Celcius for karaoke with me.

There's too much, I'm tired, so I end up with 20 things. Read careful baby, everything is " YOU USED TO " , not now, not even now. When I told you that you're changed, you say " No ". Maybe you starting to get bored with me. The time which supposed to spend with me, you used it with your friends. Yeah..maybe I'm just a little piece of shit that came into your life. Either I'm here for you or not, things will gonna be the same right, cupcake?

I'm not blaming you for breaking up this heart. Hell knows how it hurts but you don't :(

Monday, March 26, 2012

Why I Stop ?

What's wrong with me ? Why I stop writing about him lately ? Hm.. Maybe I should start it all over again and make the love still feel fresh
Okay peeps, we'll just move on, not a love novel or anything..just move on.

Yesterday was an epic day ! We went out as usual in the morning, having breakfast and movies !


Well, I just gave 3 of 5 . Then, we went for hi-tea, some cigarettes and back home. What made my day was when he hold me in his arms in the cinema I love you baby ^__^
Before we get into car, I snapped some photo and here goes :

Sunday, March 18, 2012


My love
I praise you
For all these time
I love you

Do you remember ?
The first time we met
It was on 8th May
We shook our hand and smile

Do you remember ?
The first time we kiss
It was on 17th May
We took time to get into it

I felt on your arm,
The moment your lips on my forehead
Oh dear, it was very sweet
And romantic

You cheer me up when I'm upset,
The stupid jokes, the smiles
You hug me when I'm cold
And again, you kiss and smile

Now, 10 months after
And for the very first
You compare me with her
Don't you know it was fucking hurt ?

You gave up with me,
You fed up with me,
You don't get along with me,
You annoyed with me.

I'm sorry for all these shits
Keep back to our promises
Take my words
I love you

From 11th May till infinity