Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweet 19 Baby

First of all,


I gave you everything today, inside and outside, everything to make you smile. Thanks to Allah for extending my life to live with you. You're making me speechless so many times today especially when you look through my eyes and said " I will marry you " and you kiss my forehead for few seconds. It seems like in the movie, dear. Without the ability to find any word to say, I just smile. Since 11th May until today and future,


Happy birthday, I love you.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Thanks to Allah for meeting us.
Thanks to Showdown 2010 for influence me to dance.

Thanks to my B-boys friends for teaching me dancing.
Thanks to my mom who supports me dancing.
Thanks to you my love for coming every Saturday so that I can see you.

Thanks to Facebook cos we started our first conversation there.

Without the ability to find a word to say, just keep it to ourselves. The dumbass, fucked up, boring, life-less life turned to " Ohhh.. This is life, this is love and this is heaven !! " when a single line of question had been asked ,

Kita ni sebenarnya apa ? [ 11/5/11 12:00am ]

I feel very good, I feel very bless and I feel loved