Friday, July 6, 2012


Sorry isn't a way to erase my doubt on you. From what you did last month, it takes time to heal back my wound. Scars, blood and tears, you never appreciate a single drop of it. I love you and I trust on you, but not like before. Maybe it goes down to 50% - 70% of trust. I wonder how you can be so damn happy with others while we were fighting at that moment. I forgave you for that shit but I won't forget it. I don't want to care about you so much like I did before because one day it will hurt me that much. People says, the less you care, the happier you will be. I really wish our relationship will end with death but at this time, could it be huh ? I wonder. I put so much hope on you, marry you, be a mother to your son, maybe it was my fault for being too matured to think about our future but a serious relationship needs maturity. I know you will not read this shit and if you read it, just by one eye open and a couple of minutes later, you will forget what I'm posting right now. Seems like you don't so much care about me. And yeah, me too. Oh..true love, so hard.