Sunday, July 8, 2012

Friends ?

What is good to have so many friends in your life ? At the end of your day, just one or two of them will attend to your funeral or maybe no one except your parents if they're still alive. My friends are countable by my fingers. I have 6 at schools, 3 - 5 are somewhere in my town and I don't have a friend at my housing area. 

Nowadays, I don't know why kids are so proud to have 5K of friends in Facebook. Likes, sharing photos and comments on the wall makes them feel like " Oh My God, I have so much fans than celebrities ! ". I used to have 2K of them on my late Facebook, I don't feel so special about having hundreds of likes at my photos. I just thought they like my artworks, I'm not going to be a famous person because popularity lasts for several years. I had a caption on my album, it's " The Silent Foes " , and yeah, I put my friends' photos in that album. There are no such thing as " best friend forever ", nothing last forever except if your friends are immortal . I'm not sorry for having a few friends in my life, I just feel safe.